How to clean eyelash extensions

how to clean eyelash extensions

One of the questions we receive most often is about How do I clean my eyelashes?

Some people may think that eyelash extension care is an intensive process. Not as hard as you imagine! It’s absolutely easy with your eyes right at home.

And in today’s article, Momi Eyelash will show you how to clean your eyelash extensions.

how to clean eyelash extensions

How to clean your eyelash extensions?

A beautiful eye with eyelashes extensions will help you a lot more confident.

In addition to being careful with your eyelash extension, there are a few other issues to keep in mind.

In addition to going out to work, going to socialize with friends, or just go to the sauna.

These things accidentally will cause the eyelash’s extension will be dirty.

Just like your face, exposed to the environment exposed to the sun, dirt, you need to clean it after returning home.

So have you ever wondered how do I can clean eyelash extensions?


Some mistakes you may not know

1. Do not wet eyelashes for 24 to 48 hours

Water, fortunately, is not one of those things you should avoid.

Once applied properly, eyelash extensions will become relatively waterproof.

In the previous article on how to shower with eyelash extensions, we also mentioned that eyelash extensions experts recommend not showering for 48 hours.

Just don’t wet them for 24 – 48 hours.

how to clean eyelash extensions
Some problems you will have if you do not clean properly

It does not mean that you do not use water. After 24 hours, you can use water to clean it gently, avoiding intense pressure when the eyelash glue has not been ultimately linked to your eyelash extensions.

Basically, when not washed off, dead skin cells can accumulate on the eyelids and cause itching and inflammation.

This means that your eyes will feel itchy due to clogged hair follicles, and eventually, you will feel red and painful.

Some women think that it is a little allergy to the unfamiliar, then they proceed to clean it. The feeling of itching and pain will disappear very quickly.

And it means your eyes will feel much better, and your extension will last longer 😍😍😍.

2. Coats your eyelash extensions in mascara

We NEVER recommend it.

Specifically, in the article how to sleep with eyelash extensions. We said you we encourage you to use mascara to clean your eyelashes extensions after bathing and after you wake up to avoid being intertwined.

We recommend using mascara, but it is a clean mascara that does not contain any other chemical solution. You can imagine they are almost impossible to clean thoroughly.

You should only use mascara with ingredients when you do not apply for eyelash extensions, and why you must use it when you have applied for eyelashes extensions.

how to clean eyelash extensions
Use mascara and hygiene improperly

3. Oil on your eyelash and face

If you have oily skin and either you have makeup, or simply your moisturizer contains a fatty amount. These oils will end up on your eyelash extensions.

If you never wash your eyelashes, the oil is still there, accumulating and slowly eating at the eyelash stick glue.

You also know that oils are difficult to clean, by using oil-free products, using powders or blotting paper, and properly cleaning your eyelash extensions, the better your extensions will be.

The above are some mistakes that you may not know or sometimes you know.

However, keep in mind that being gentle is the key to the safety of your wide eyelashes

how to clean eyelash extensions

Two steps to clean your eyelash extensions

Cleaning them is easy, but it is also important to prevent symptoms of irritation, infection, or other problems that may affect your health.

All you need is a gentle cleanser, a few combs, and proper drying techniques.

The following two steps we want to guide you are taken from WikiHow, the world’s leading beauty and health magazine, consulted and operated by a team of experts.

1. Find gentle cleanser

This is the simplest and easiest way to do it.

Water alone is not enough, look for an oil and alcohol-free cleanser.

As we said above, oil can break down the adhesive on your extension.

Opt for a mild foaming cleanser or soap.

You can dilute a foaming cleanser with a little water to make it softer.

The best way is to look for a cleanser specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

2. Drying and Combing

After washing your eyelashes in step 1, gently wipe your face dry with a towel, but avoid eyes to protect your extensions.

Be especially careful with your extensions; just let your eyelashes sit on toilet paper for a few seconds so the water can be absorbed.

Put your blow-dryer into its best setting. Next, explore your lashes for about ten seconds on each eye.

Be sure to keep the dryer about an arm’s length from your face. Don’t do this too often because you want to maintain adhesives in your extensions.

And the last step is to close one eye. Use a clean, dry mascara brush to roll it over your lashes gently.

Next, brush your lashes a bit with a brush. Do not pull the brush over the base of your eyelashes.

how to clean eyelash extensions

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Benefits of cleaning eyelash extensions

Customers who care for their eyelashes will spend less money than those who do not care about it or take care of it improperly.

Proper care will ensure your lashes always look plump and lush.

Most customers who have regular eyelash growth in their well-applied eyelashes can go three weeks between refill and return appointments with the remaining 50% of their lashes.

If you do not get these results, then it is time to check your home care routine.

The right care will guarantee the greatness of your eyes, the health of your eyes, and even it will save you money.

how to clean eyelash extensions

When do I need to clean my eyelash extensions?

Clean your eyelash extensions at least once a day, and take extra care if you are eye makeup or have oily or eyelid skin.

It is recommended to clean eyelashes at night, before going to bed to remove days of face oil, dirt, grime, and makeup.

Especially after outdoor activities like exercising and swimming. Need to remove chlorine, salt, sweat, and oil immediately from the eyelash extensions to maintain the integrity of your eyelash adhesive.

Clip tutorial for cleaning extension of eyelashes

Clean eyelash extensions with specialized products

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