How to sleep with eyelash extensions

After a long day of tiring work, you want nothing more than to curl up in bed and fall asleep, but did you know that sleeping must also be properly, especially after applying for eyelash extensions.

In today’s article, Momi Eyelash will explain to you how to sleep correctly and scientifically with eyelash extensions.

How to sleep with eyelash extensions?

Can I sleep with Eyelash Extensions? Yes, but sleep on your back (supine) to avoid friction with the pillow.

If you sleep on your side, rest your head on the edge of your pillow or use a pressure-free sleep mask to protect them.

how to sleep with eyelash extensions

Be prepared before going to bed

Caring for your expensive lashes starts with getting ready for bed.

Start by removing your makeup with an oil-free makeup remover.

Rinse your lashes with a non-alcoholic cleanser. You can use diluted baby shampoo in water to clean your lashes gently.

After cleansing, gently pat your face and eye area, not rubbing the eyes.

Avoid going to bed with wet lashes, use a hairdryer in a relaxed setting to dry slowly before sleeping.

After air-drying, gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara brush.


Two primary things you should know when sleeping with eyelash extensions

If you are a working woman, you will know what a long day is like.

After long days at work, taking care of your family, dating, or spending time with friends. You need to spend more time sleeping.

When you go to bed, it’s also possible that you don’t think about your lashes. Are you so tired that you are arguing about whether oral hygiene is as important as they say?!

As you approach the room, taking off your shoes and clothes along the way, the thought of falling into a coma pulls you in further until you touch the edge of the bed. Meanwhile, your lashes are screaming in pain as you toss and pop your cotton sheet, tearing them one by one, the amount of money connecting your eyelash extensions is falling off one strand at a time.

But how do I stop or restrict it? Don’t worry, and there’s still hope for your lashes. Here are some options for you.

1. Sleep on silk pillowcase

Ideally, if you can sleep on your back, that’s the preferred position for all eyelash wearers. And it is good for the blood circulation of any average person.

If you have to lie on your side or your stomach, a silk pillow is an excellent solution for you.

Cotton threads in traditional pillowcases can get caught in the eyelashes due to the drag you experience when you wipe your face on a pillow. You can check this out for yourselves by going to the supermarket near your home and buying a silk pillow.

how to sleep with eyelash extensions

2. Wear a mask

A sleeping mask is a perfect solution for you.

It is perfect for all eyelash customers.

No matter which side you sleep in, it has dents in its eyes to prevent rubbing against your valuable eyelash extensions.

Another thing is that it can help you fall asleep faster; it blocks light to give you a longer, quieter sleep.

By using one or both of these, your lashes will feel protected and safe.

And you won’t have to worry about your lashes when you’re too tired to care about anything else in your life.


Your eyes when you wake up in the morning

Note you should apply during and after a long night.

Avoid eye rubbing

When we are tired, a natural reaction is to rub our eyes.

From an early age, we learn that rubbing eases the heaviness they feel and lubricates them as they begin to feel dry.

However, rubbing your eyes is a bad idea with eyelash extensions.

So you can limit or best avoid accidentally rubbing them by going to bed when you’re tired and making sure you have enough beauty to rest.

Just repeat the gentle cleansing process you did before bed, and your lashes will remain in tip-top shape.

Be gentle when washing your face

Before going to bed and after waking up, make a habit of washing your face gently when cleaning your eyes.

Avoid oil-based cleansers, which can weaken or dissolve the glue, making it easier for false eyelashes to separate from your real eyelashes. When you pat your face dry, it’s best to pat the area dry, rather than rubbing the water.

Brush your lashes

Make sure you remove any dirt or particles accumulated on your lashes after every night.

Even the most delicate sleepers will find that their eyelash extensions tend to criss-cross and become a little tangled.

Whether part of your morning or your evening routine, it’s important to gently brush them every day with mascara so that they look even better.

how to sleep with eyelash extensions

That’s what we want to tell you how to do sleeping with eyelash extensions

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