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How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

how to apply eyelash extensions

The beauty industry that saw a big step forward was the invention of false eyelashes. It can be said that this is a miraculous growth “serous” for women after less than 1 hour. You will get soft and fluffy lashes without the intervention of false lashes (strip lashes) or mascara. Like some other posts before […]

What glue is used for eyelash extensions?

what glue is used for eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are the top popular beauty products today, comes with it is an eyelash glue product. The eyelash adhesive works to connect between your false eyelashes and eyelids, as well as your real eyelashes. So, what kind of eyelash glue is best for your eyelash extensions? And what glue is used for your eyelash […]