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False Eyelash Removal At Home

false eyelash removal at home

The unwritten rule of using false lashes is not to sleep with them overnight. Why? You can refer to false eyelashes you can sleep in for more information. After coming home after a tiring day at work or simply partying with friends, what you need to do after you get home is to pull the false […]

Can You Use Nail Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

All of us have a desire to have lush and charming lashes. However, everything that works with eyelashes will be great if you don’t touch the nail glue. As you know, eyelash extensions are the active ingredients that connect false eyelashes and real eyelashes. Everything will be extremely wonderful and perfect until it involves… nail […]

The History Of False Eyelash

the history of false eyelash

False eyelashes are semi-permanent beauty products that are widely used today. So do you know where the birth history of false eyelashes on your eyes that are maintained and used to this day comes from? False eyelashes have a very long history of formation and development, and there are facts about false eyelashes that have […]

False Eyelash Clusters

false eyelash clusters

False eyelashes are a popular product today, in which many women also prefer the false eyelash cluster product. The main markets using this product are Europe, America, and Africa. In today’s post, Momi Lash will introduce you to the overview of this. Not everyone knows the product. [irp] What is the false eyelash cluster? Talking […]

False Eyelashes You Can Sleep In

false eyelashes you can sleep in

Up to now, no beauty experts recommend sleeping with false eyelashes on your eyes. Especially with strip lashes, strip lashes tend to irritate the delicate skin around your eyes. However, you are still completely asleep with the eyelash extensions, as the extension of the eyelash extension is to attach it to the lashes (not to […]

Eyelash Extensions Price List

eyelash extensions price list

False eyelashes are popular beauty products of women in the present era. In today’s article, we will inform you about the most detailed false eyelash price list. Eyelash extensions price list detail It is a false eyelash manufacturer from Vietnam, produced by 100% imported materials. Our false eyelash products are specialized for export. Mainly markets […]

Are Eyelash Extensions Bad For Your Natural Lashes?

eyelash extensions affect natural eyelashes

Mascara is a product that can help women have longer and more seductive lashes, but in this era, there are better alternatives. Eyelash extensions are one such method. This modern trend makes a woman’s eyes stand out more in the opposite person’s eyes. However, the question that is always concerned by women is whether eyelash […]