How to shower with eyelash extensions?

how to shower with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension provides you with an opportunity to beautify your lashes and your face with little effort.

Where else can you get that? Nowhere. It was amazing. It was incredible.

But what about daily care? Does the eyelash extensions technician tell you these things?

How to wash your face and take a shower without affecting your eyelashes extensions?

how to shower with eyelash extensions

How to shower with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension is a safe and effective method of beauty.

It does not take away too much of your time, does not directly affect your health.

The problem is how you take care of it after eyelash extensions, especially in hygiene issues like washing your face and shower.

In today’s article, Momi Eyelash will show you how to preserve your lashes best, especially when you shower.

The two most essential tips for ladies

Here are two essential and most straightforward tips to protect long lashes when you shower.

Use a shower and slather with care

Any shampoo, conditioner, or body butter product, it can completely affect your eyelash extensions.

To minimize the effects of these products on your lashes, when you wash your hair, make sure to lift your head to reduce the product flowing through your eyes and eyelashes.

And when you moisturize, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lashes.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

Dry carefully

After you get out of the shower, instead of rubbing your eyes or rubbing them with a towel.

Gently pat dry and allow your lashes to dry completely and then gently brush if necessary with mascara.

If you’re in a rush, a low-lying hair dryer at arm’s length from your face can help speed up its drying process.

Eyelash extensions are meant to last about two months if applied with a highly effective glue.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

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Two wrongs things about eyelash extensions when the shower

Wrong 1: Dry with a dryer and brush

Most ladies will wash, brush, and then dry their hair after a shower. The eyelashes are similar!

Do not be, if you are not in a hurry, brushing eyelashes with mascara in the habit is the most recommended solution.

Why is that? Because combing will keep them from getting ruffled, especially on hot days.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

Wrong 2: Can not wet eyelash extensions

The good news is you can get wet lashes done!

Eyelash glue put on your eyelashes are not only waterproof but also completely waterproof!

If used with good eyelash glue and applied for eyelash extensions correctly, then relax in the tub, your eyelashes will be beautiful.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

Shower tips with eyelash extensions – Advice by expert

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way to make it look like you’re wearing mascara or eyelashes all the time, looking great.

They are applied separately with a special glue called eyelash glue and used by a certified eyelash technician.

If you are considering eyelash extensions, but you are worried about damaging them when showering, stay away from the shower for at least two days after applying for the eyelash extensions.

Wash your face in the sink and avoid using oil-based cleansers and makeup removers to keep your eyelash extensions looking better longer.

Here are three tips by wikiHow’s team of trained editors and researchers

1. Avoid showering for 48 hours after your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions use special glue to bond with your eyelids.

This glue may take up to 2 days to dry completely.

Do not be confused when the eyelash glue jar says 2 minutes or 5 minutes. This is the time for eyelash glue can stick on your eyelashes.

To ensure the best results, do not shower or wet your extensions in any way for the first 48 hours after you put them in.

Your technician will tell you exactly how long you should avoid showering after eyelash extensions.

2. Keep your shower cool

When showering in hot water, the steam can loosen the bond between the glue and your eyelids.

If you are accustomed to super-steamy, hot showers, consider lowering the temperature so that you don’t weaken the expanding glue on your eyes.

If possible, turn on your bathroom fan to clean the steam faster from your shower.

One more note is that you should also avoid going to the sauna or steam room after applied eyelash extensions.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

3. Wash your face in the sink instead of in the shower

The intense pressure from your shower can affect your eyelash extensions.

Instead of washing your face with a shower, using the sink is an effective way.

Wet your face by splashing water onto your face with your hands

how to shower with eyelash extensions

🌟 You probably didn’t know: Washing your face with hot water can also dry out your skin more when showering than when you wash your face with regular water.

Reference source:

Some other tips to help protect your eyelash extensions

  • Don’t let the water pressure from the shower hit your eyelash extensions.
  • Wearing protective glasses during the shower is also an effective way.
  • Use a clean cotton pad instead of a towel to remove any dirt around the lashes.
  • Refill your eyelash extensions every 2 to 3 weeks. This helps prevent the growth of microorganisms, such as lice.
  • Do not use oil-based cleaners on your eyelash extensions.
  • Using tea tree oil and cotton pads to remove dirt on or around your eyelash extensions is a safer way.

Above is the article about how to shower with eyelash extensions

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