Can You Wear Strip Lashes On Top Of Eyelash Extensions?

wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

The party season is here, the eyelash extensions to perfect yourself and make yourself attractive are almost indispensable, right ?!

I bet you are often attracted to thick lashes and big round eyes, right?

Normally, compared to the eyelash extensions, it’s only normal. You will put false eyelashes on your eyelash extensions.

Maybe it’s wonderful and splendid. But dear, believe me, please don’t do this on your fragile and vulnerable lashes.

In this post, Momi Lash will answer the question, can I put strip lashes/false lashes on top of eyelash extensions?

 Note: Strip lashes and false eyelashes are common names, so I call them one name together. 

wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

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Can I wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions?

Strip eyelashes are the type of eyelashes that clearly define your lashes, create accents, … within 5 minutes.

But the harm to putting false eyelashes on the eyelash extensions will last for weeks, you know why?

Applying false lashes to your eyelash extensions will unbalance your natural lashes.

Eyelash adhesive is a very harmful thing for your eyelashes. After removing the eyelashes from your eyes after the party, the glue will become lumpy.

It is almost impossible to remove the glue from your lashes (even a lash technician can help you). It looks extremely unattractive.

You know, it affects your look. Besides, it affects the adoption of eyelash extensions and the care and maintenance in the future.

In short, can I put false lashes on eyelash extensions?

No, it’s a mistake. It would seriously damage your natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

You want to get this clear, no problem, here are the reasons why you should not put false eyelashes on eyelash extensions.

wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

4 reasons why you shouldn’t wear strip lashes when you have eyelash extensions?

1. Strip lashes/false lashes damage your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions

While you put strip lashes in your lashes on your lashes, it is lovely. The look is sharp and deep.

But then what, something really lousy, incredibly harsh for your natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

The adhesive is powerful. It will stick to your eyelash extensions for a very long time and can be difficult to remove.

Using eyelash glue on natural eyelashes can be removed easily. Why? Since the false eyelash sticks to your skin, it’s not difficult to remove.

When you use the false lashes on the top of eyelash extensions, when you pull the false lashes out, it loosens the lash extensions.

Natural lashes cannot be repaired except that you have to spend a lot more money to fix them.

2. The false eyelash glue is difficult to clean

The glue that gets stuck on your eyelashes will be difficult to clean with conventional methods.

You need to use some specialized product to clean it and, of course, not as gentle as you imagine.

You know! When you remove the eyelash glue from the false lashes, the eyelash extensions also pull out, which is unavoidable!.

3. False eyelashes also reduce your eyelash extensions

When you use false lashes on the top of eyelash extensions, it puts the part in natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

It would be like adding an extravagant look, but heavy and cumbersome.

Adding the weight is not beneficial but is also bad for your eyes and natural lashes.

Reduces curvature of the eyelash extensions: When you attach the false eyelash to the eyelash extensions, of course, the eyelash will be fixed on the eyelash extensions, which means that the eyelash extension will curl down to the eye or protrude out. Lose their effect on curvature.

Damage and gradual loss: Increased weight can cause the lashes and natural lashes to carry more weight, not so well, and gradually fall out over time.

4. Wasting money in vain

False eyelashes are a quick and cheap way to make accents in just a few minutes.

But the best part is that in just a few moments, you don’t use them every day, wasting time and money.

Eyelash extensions are the best solution at the moment. You can spend an amount of about $200 – $300 per application.

However, it can last up to 2 months and give you a great look. Just keep them there, don’t add anything.

You spend a lot of money on them. What do you add false eyelashes to them for? It is counterproductive for the money you spent.

wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

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Wear false eyelashes on top of eyelash extensions !!! It sounds pretty tempting, but don’t give it a try. Simply say no to wearing false eyelashes.

When you are about to go to a party after the party, everything bad will happen to you.

In short, wearing false eyelashes on your eyelash extensions can seriously damage your natural and lash extensions.

Instead, make sure to schedule a lash-filled appointment ahead of your big events.

Of course, your lashes will thank you very much for that.!

wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

Comment from the Quora community

Can you wear false lashes on top of eyelash extensions?

Dorothy Hohl-Lorenc

The problem is sticking lids on while attaching them while the glue is still wet.

Once dry, when strip lashes are removed, there is a chance that the natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions will also be pulled if not removed properly.

Isabella Brunk

You can do this but shouldn’t; why?

Unless you know how to apply to avoid colliding between lashes and eyelash extensions.

If done incorrectly, natural eyelashes will spoil, and this is of no benefit at all.

Cara Jentzen

I’m not sure why you want to follow these.

If you are not satisfied with your eyelash extensions’ thickness/length, you can choose another next time.

You need to maintain them regularly, and preferably every 2 weeks.

Putting on the eyelash extension poses a lot of harmful risks. If the eyelash adhesive sticks to the eyelash extensions, one result: Your eyelash extensions will be damaged.

So if you are not satisfied with your eyelash extensions, talk to the eyelash extensions technician, don’t be foolish to put false eyelashes on your eyelash extensions.

Eliot Downes

You absolutely can, but you shouldn’t.

Removing them can take a long time, and even mascara will damage them even more.

Putting false eyelashes on eyelash extensions is just a great short-term effect, but it will waste your money.


No, this is not allowed.

That’s because false lashes will burden the eyelash extensions, and your extensions will fall off soon.

Coco Martinez

You can do this, but it is not recommended.

When you remove the lashes from the false lashes, the natural and lash extensions are also pulled.

It’s best to save yourself by not wearing false lashes once you have eyelash extensions.

Gwyneth Cortez

Of course not. It will mess up your eyelash extensions.

Kaydi Rogers

You can definitely do it! It may look silly.

Surely you can do it! You may look silly.

Alicia Evans

If you want, you can do it but not use it. I suggest you use magnetic false eyelashes instead.


Samia Rahman

It is possible to do, but it is in vain. Both things will clump.


wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

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wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

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wear false eyelashes on eyelash extensions

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