Are magnetic false eyelashes safe?

are magnetic false eyelashes safe

Magnetic eyelashes are popular in recent years.

Do you really understand the concept of magnetic eyelash products and how to use them?

How much does it cost, and most importantly, is its quality eye-safe?

In today’s article, Momi Lash will explain in detail the questions you are interested in.

are magnetic false eyelashes safe


Are magnetic false eyelashes safe to use?

Magnetic eyelashes are a new product of modern times with the advantage of being reusable many times.

Basically, you can understand that they are an improved version of false eyelashes.

Because of these outstanding features, they cannot be as cheap as the old model false eyelashes.

They are an upgrade, so the selling price should definitely be many times higher.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes are products created by using two magnetized eyelashes drawn along the base and drawn together.

Simply put, magnetic lashes will sandwich between your natural lashes.

are magnetic false eyelashes safe

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

This is the main topic of the article and the question many people are most interested in.

Magnetic eyelashes are convenient, extremely easy to use, especially suitable for busy women.

There are two types of magnetic lashes, one that uses 2 magnetized eyelashes and connects them, and the second type uses eyelashes and is connected by magnetic eyeliner.

Using a magnetic pen seems to be more convenient, but don’t try the magnetic eyeliner for the first time right before a big event.

It has many potential risks of contact dermatitis. It would be best if you had time to try them and get used to them.

It’s straightforward to use, but it doesn’t mean you should use it often. Why?

Dr. Haberman said, ”I recommend that you limit the use of magnetic extensions that clip your own natural lashes to avoid the risk of eyelash damage and traction loss. ”

Does that mean it is okay to normally use magnetic eyelashes and remember not to use them too often?

Excessive exposure to natural lashes can cause damage and fall out.

are magnetic false eyelashes safe


How to use magnetic eyelashes

Using false lashes often creates trouble getting the glue attached.

Magnetic eyelashes will help you fix this very quickly.

There are innovative magnetic eyelash products on the market today that is easier to use and more natural.

How to use them is not too difficult. The principle of adhesive is straightforward to imagine.

For the first time, it will have trouble attaching the upper and lower lids.

Don’t worry. After a few tries, it will be in the right place. The part that makes you most satisfied is the part that actually fits together.

are magnetic false eyelashes safe

You will likely need mascara

Whereas all false eyelash products manufactured in this world bear the message of no need to use mascara.

However, it is unlikely that false lashes will blend perfectly into your natural lashes.

Sometimes you also need a little mascara, right?! Mascara not only helps to blend them but also gives lashes some grip.

You can reuse them over and over again

The time to attach magnetic bristles to the eyes is extremely fast without the need for cumbersome glue is an advantage of magnetic eyelashes.

Besides, it also has another advantage that you can use them many times.

In the previous post with the question “can you reuse false eyelashes” the answer is that you can reuse false eyelashes 4-5 times with careful care.

However, with magnetic false eyelashes, it is different.

The manufacturers claim that their magnetic false eyelashes are reusable up to 50 times, the founder of magnetic lashes, they don’t know how many times they can be reused.

But they insist they can be reused “over and over” as long as you take good care of them.

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are magnetic false eyelashes safe

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are magnetic false eyelashes safe


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