How To Trim False Eyelash Extensions

Although women often prefer having long lashes.

But when you put a pair of false eyelashes that are too long on the eyes, this won’t be very pleasant. When glued to the eyes can stick together when you blink.

Besides, it cannot be reassuring and interfere with your vision.

Once you know that these false lashes are not perfect, trimming them is your next step.

Trimming false lashes is sometimes a necessary part of the process when you get a new pair of false lashes, especially if you’re someone with smaller eye size.

Usually, eyelash manufacturers will make false lashes of longer size, specifically, so they can be better suited for most people.

If you want to trim false lashes, the process is straightforward. Whether you want your counterfeits to look natural or false, all it takes to cut them is to pull and track some safety and branching issues.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of trimming false eyelashes while still ensuring the beauty and naturalness of false eyelashes.

⚠️ Remember, this article is about trimming false eyelashes, not real eyelashes.

how to trim false eyelashes

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How to trim eyelashes that are too long

Why should I cut it?

Usually, false eyelash manufacturers will make the maximum size of false eyelash products.

The goal is to make sure it fits everyone. If you are someone with small eyes, it is up to you to cut back on length.

Trimming your lashes down will give you a comfortable and accurate fit is key for a long-lasting hold.

how to trim false eyelashes

Cut false eyelashes or cut eyelash extensions?

Exactly is cut false eyelashes, as false eyelashes are made for you to stick to your eyes.

Eyelash extensions are manufactured in many different sizes, including curvature, length, thickness, and comfortable choice.

If you are on the eyelash extensions team, then you don’t need to worry about trim false eyelash.

how to trim false eyelashes

How to trim the length of false lashes

The lash strip may be too wide for your eyes, or the lashes may be slightly longer than you’d like.

This can result in an unnatural and irritating look to the skin.

Therefore, before applying new eyelashes, trim each eyelash strip and strand for the best look and fit.

Here are steps to guide you to trim false eyelashes!


how to trim false eyelashes

Step one: Select the style and shape of your lashes.

Think about your eye shape and size, what you want from your false eye. I mean, imagine what you want it to be.

If you are new to eyelash extensions, start with the natural one first and gradually move on to thicker or longer lashes to see which one you prefer.

Step two: Remove lashes from the tray

Using mirrors for this step is essential. Make sure the mirror is level with your face.

Gently separate lashes from the tray and hold them close to your lashes.

Looking in the mirror, you will be able to tell if the lashes are comfortably resting on your lashes or if the lashes look a bit long.

Step three: Use scissors to trim eyelashes

If your lashes look too long for your lashes, use small lash scissors to cut a few strands from the outer edge.

It’s best to only cut in small amounts at once as it can be easy to misjudge and end up cutting too short that makes the lashes too short for your eyes.

Once you’ve trimmed some of your lashes, hold it over your lashes again to measure.

(I mean cut and keep trying)

Continue pruning if necessary and if it looks just right, then goes ahead and stick the lashes.

Repeat this step for the other eye and lash strip.

how to trim false eyelashes

Step four: Apply the lashes

After you’ve trimmed your lashes to fit, you can apply eyelash glue to your lashes, remember to wait for the glue to stick to your lashes before applying (takes about 30-60 seconds).

Using a curler, place lashes on the lashes, making sure to get as close to natural lashes as possible.

Press down on the lashes in place and adjust the outer edges to fit.

You can then use mascara to brush your lashes evenly.

how to trim false eyelashes

It is recommended to cut the strip from the outside to be about the same length as your lashes.

And to shorten the eyelashes yourself, trim them carefully, not using scissors to cut the same length, but inward towards the lash strip to make them look more natural.

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How to trim false eyelash | Video guide

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