How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

how to apply eyelash extensions

how to apply eyelash extensions

The beauty industry that saw a big step forward was the invention of false eyelashes.

It can be said that this is a miraculous growth “serous” for women after less than 1 hour.

You will get soft and fluffy lashes without the intervention of false lashes (strip lashes) or mascara.

Like some other posts before in the series ‘how to‘ that we have done.

In today’s post, we give you information on how to apply eyelash extensions step by step.

how to apply eyelash extensions

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions Step By Step?

First of all, let’s take a look at the concept of eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the most popular form of beautification today.

This is a method of using semi-permanent fibers attached to your natural lashes to make your lashes look longer, fuller, and darker.

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each of your natural lashes (one extension per natural eyelash) using the semi-permanent glue.

The material can be different, depending on your needs, but the composition is mainly made of synthetic fibers, mink feathers, mink feathers, or silk.

Most eyelash extension products available today come in various extension lengths, curling styles, and shades so that customers can customize their look.

See what are eyelash extensions details here


how to apply eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions

Usually, today eyelashes are used divided into three categories: weasel, silk, and synthetic.

Regarding ‘mink lashes,’ do not think that real mink hair. Mink hair is scarce and extremely expensive. They just imitate mink hair.

The lifetime of eyelash extensions is the same. It depends on the eyelash extension glues you are using and how you protect your beloved lashes.

On the outside, mink lashes and silk lashes tend to look natural, and synthetic eyelashes tend to be thicker and darker.

Of these three categories (mink, silk, and synthetic), there are different degrees of length and curl to choose from.

Typically, your eyelash artist will use various lengths and curvatures to create a wide-eyed effect, with the longer lashes placed at the outer corner of the eye and the shorter lashes placed in the inner corner.


how to apply eyelash extensions

Private label lash extensions

How to apply eyelash extensions / Step by step

False eyelashes will be used carefully (typically 80 – 130 strands per eye) using eyelash glue.

This is a glue that does not irritate and damage the natural eyelashes on the eyes.

Here’s the procedure your eyelash extensions will take, step by step, for your original lashes.

how to apply eyelash extensions

1. Evaluation your lashes

Before applying for your extensions, the lash technician will examine your eyelid area and tell you about the pros and cons of eyelash extensions.

Also, check your health, ask about any conditions you might have if you get eyelashes on, and use the wrong eyelash glue.

2. Decide the type of eyelash, length, and curl strength

Your extensions artist will begin the process by asking what style you’re after, natural or sexy.

Then the lash technician chooses the type of eyelash extension that suits you. Based on the look you want, you can select different eyelash lengths and curvatures.

If you are inexperienced, an eyelash extension artist will help you choose the best eyelash extension type.

Keep in mind that your lash technician may decide to use up to 3-4 different extension lengths, concentrating longer extensions on the outer corners and shorter extensions on the inner eyes.

3. Cleansing the eye area

Your extensions artist will ask you to lie down and make sure you’re in the most comfortable position.

They will then proceed to clean the area around your eyes, including any makeup, oils, and germs from the area.

It’s helpful to your lash technician if you arrive makeup-free to your appointment.


4. Application

Using tweezers, your lash technician will dip the end of each extension into the eyelash glue and then apply it to your lashes.

In most cases, one eyelash extension is applied to each natural eyelash. However, to look thicker, you may require multiple extensions for each natural eyelash (easy fan eyelashes).

It won’t hurt you, but we know you’ll be a bit nervous when you feel the tweezers working near your eyes.

5. Drying

Eyelash glue dries very quickly, usually only about 3 seconds to pour.

But your extensions will probably let you sit for about 10 minutes after all the wings have been glued.

Some very effective methods are directing a small hand-held fan at your connection to speed up the drying time.

While others prefer to let the glue dry naturally in the air, don’t worry at this stage. Your eyes are still closed.

how to apply eyelash extensions

6. Removing the tape and gels

Once your lashes are completely dry, your lash technician will remove the gel and tape under your eyes (this won’t do you any harm).

Let your eyelash specialist know if you tend to be sensitive in this area so that they can take better precautions.

Once removed, your lash technician will likely brush through the lashes gently with clean mascara, after which you will be asked slowly open your eyes. Tada 😍😍😍

how to apply eyelash extensions

Above is the article on how to apply eyelash extensions – Step by step

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