Are Eyelash Extensions Bad For Your Natural Lashes?

eyelash extensions affect natural eyelashes

Mascara is a product that can help women have longer and more seductive lashes, but in this era, there are better alternatives.

Eyelash extensions are one such method. This modern trend makes a woman’s eyes stand out more in the opposite person’s eyes.

However, the question that is always concerned by women is whether eyelash extensions affect real eyelashes? Let’s answer together in the article below.

eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes

Are Eyelash Extensions Bad For Your Natural Lashes?

Sisters who have seen pictures before and after getting extensions will definitely be surprised at what it brings.

However, some of you wonder how high the maintenance cost is, whether it is expensive or affects the real leather material?

“And you may realize one thing is that Semi-permanent eyelash extensions can be addictive.”

Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged?

The biggest mistake has extensions ruining your own lashes.

However, it won’t damage your real lashes if applied properly.

Applied by a professional technician, they are safe and won’t damage your natural lashes’ health.

Be sure not to rub your eyes or pull on the extensions as this can shed them and even damage your natural lashes.

If the lashes are applied correctly and individually, they will not fall out.

However, that doesn’t mean your lashes are 100% safe.

Your natural lashes will still be damaged. The problem is more or less.

When choosing eyelash extensions, you have defaulted for natural eyelashes damaged.

Even if you are applied by the best eyelash extensions artist and take the following care perfectly, there is a chance that you will find your natural lashes damaged.

As your natural eyelash grows, your extensions will move further and further away from the base of your lashes.

This inadvertently makes it difficult for your natural lashes to bear the stretching and possibly breakage weight.

That is obvious.

eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes


The lash extension question checklist

The first and foremost step is to determine if you are a good candidate for extensions.

Here are some important questions you should use to ask yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I sleep on my face a lot? (Lie on your stomach)
  • Do I rub my eyes a lot?
  • Do I tend to pull at my lashes?
  • Have I had a recent eye infection that could make me sensitive to extensions?
  • Have I had a recent eye procedure?

Ask your technicians:

  • What is the disinfection procedure for the tools used?
  • What qualifications must the technician at this studio have?

And the most important thing is to check your eye health first.

Make sure your eyes are healthy. Check with your doctor (if necessary).

eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes

How to care for four lashes

So how can I protect my natural lash and eyelashes extensions also?


– Brush your eyelashes daily and gently treat your extensions with a clean mascara tool (They are glued directly to your real lashes, so treat them well [eyelash glue manufacturer])

– Clean your extensions regularly with an oil-free cleanser, preferably eyelash cleaner with a professional product.

– Dry with a lint-free tissue or tissue after swimming or bathing to avoid damaging your lashes.


– Rub eyes for a long time. Avoid rubbing, picking, or pulling on your lashes.

– Apply any oil or oil-based product to the lashes or directly on the lashes.

– Use waterproof cosmetics or any eye makeup product with a long-lasting effect.

– Use a hot or mechanical curling tool.

eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes


5 advice for you

1. “Avoid steam and get your lids wet for the first 48 hours.”

You can of course wash your face and shower. Just make sure that no water gets to your lashes.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes, use heavy oil-based products and lotions around the eyes, and avoid playing with, picking, and touching your eyelashes too much.

3. Do not use mascara because it is difficult to remove and will break the link (use only clean mascara to brush the eyelashes)

Never use a mechanical eyelash curler.

4. Be sure to go to a certified eyelash extensions artist who knows how to apply for extensions properly.

Look out for professional, experienced eyelash extensions.

5. Use soft material to ensure the least amount of damage to your lashes.

Chances are, at some point during the night, you’ll be lying on your stomach while you sleep.

Invest in a silk pillowcase, as the material will do the least damage to your lashes and extensions.

eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes

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eyelash extensions bad for your natural lashes


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