Can I Wear Eyelash Extensions With Glasses

wear eyelash extensions with glasses

One of the problems that make women wearing glasses is being rubbed against the glasses by mascara.

This is also the reason eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular.

Instead of having to dress up with mascara early in the morning and face smudges all day, investing in a fake eyelash extension will make you a lot more confident and comfortable.

Extensions are an affordable and convenient way to make your eyes look more soulful.

And especially, your eyes will look bigger, brighter and stand out even when you’re wearing glasses.

And in today’s article, Momi Lash will answer you about the question can I wearing eyelash extensions with glasses?

wear eyelash extensions with glasses


Can I wear eyelash extensions with glasses

Eyelash extensions have become a popular trend for many years now, because they are beautiful and easily accessible for everyone.

But what do you do when you want to add more length to your lashes? Wear eyelash extensions with glasses.

Just because you wear glasses, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun, beauty, and free time that comes with getting eyelash extensions.

So if you are curious about whether to provide the eyelash extension or not then this article will be for you.

Momi Lash will give you the best advice.

Main question, can I wear eyelash extensions with glasses?

Yes, you absolutely can wear eyelashes with glasses but need to solve some of your problems.

Many women are obsessed with having fake eyelashes on their lenses.

Sometimes it is grooming with mascara and visibility is obscured by black streaks and dirt.

And they think the same goes for eyelash extensions.

In fact, as a wholesale eyelash extension supplies, the customer often requests us different curvature for their products, I think the effect of the glasses is also somewhat.

Here are some problems and solutions to handle it.

wear eyelash extensions with glasses

What is the problem?

1. Eyelash extensions hit the glasses

If you are worried about your eyelash extensions getting into your glasses, you can get rid of it with ease.

Head to the salon with your eyeglasses, that way the eyelash artist will know the right length to apply on your eyelids.

As long as you choose the right length and style, they won’t hit your lens.

You should have shorter eyelashes with more curvature, so they stay away from your glasses.

The eyelash artist they know how to match the eyelash extensions with your glasses.

2. Which lasses will “hide” the eyelash extensions

I think a lot of women will think about this, and after applying the eyelashes wear glasses, it will be equal to zero.

However, I was surprised by the fact that my eyes look more open and brighter with eyelash extensions as it lifts the lashes and makes them look wider.

To really make the eyes really stand out even though wearing eyeglasses, adding a thin layer of eyeliner that extends across the corner of my eye to extend my natural eye shape would be much more wonderful.

Curvature of eyelashes adds length and creates a quick and easy look.

3. Which glasses can I wear?

You can wear anything you like and that’s the beauty of it, look in the mirror to see how awesome you are wear eyelash extensions with glasses.

We think the frames come in practical designs like round frames or cat eyes with warm colors like brown and tortoiseshell.

Perfect for each day, they will really highlight your new lashes.

wear eyelash extensions with glasses


In general, after wearing eyeliner and eyeglasses, your eyes will still be wonderful.

You can still wear your sunglasses without hitting your lenses, and never need to worry about mascara marks again.

Before going to the salon, it’s best to go through their extensions and talk to your eyeliner specialist before continuing.

With the right touch and choice of length and style, eyelash extensions will really make your eyes stand out, even though you still wear glasses.

Momi Lash hopes this article will help you answer the question can I wear eyelash extensions with glasses and alleviate some worries girls wearing glasses might face.

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wear eyelash extensions with glasses

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wear eyelash extensions with glasses


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