Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant

eyelash extensions while pregnant

For many women, having eyelashes in pregnancy is a way to feel confident and beautiful, especially when taking care of yourself becomes increasingly difficult after pregnancy.

While your pregnant client will be more than happy to have the right eyelash extensions, there are a few important factors to keep in mind to ensure that your client (and their baby) are safe and healthy. Strong and comfortable throughout the appointment.

Here are things to keep in mind when working with a pregnant client that also answers the questions ‘can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant.

eyelash extensions while pregnant


Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

Why do women want eyelash extensions during pregnancy?

The answer is very simple, when pregnant, women will often have a feeling of inferiority, having radiant skin as well as beautiful appearance will make them happier.

And many pregnant sisters also feel very relieved not to have their mascara and raccoon eyes smeared at the end of the process and that leaves them a little bit in the photo.

However, being that isn’t a big deal when you’re literally bringing a new life into the world.

It would be great if you could frame and print hospital photos and feel easily bonded together.

However, not everyone is encouraged to get extensions during pregnancy and also the things that future mothers really do when they get their eyelashes done.

Question: Can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant?

The answer is yes, but doctors do not recommend this.

And moreover you need to be sure of a few things before going to an appointment.

Especially women are susceptible to sensitization due to pregnancy.

Advice from doctor:

Due to the increased sensitivity during pregnancy, you are more likely to experience irritation with the eyelash glue.

The biggest risk for pregnant women comes from eyelash glue. Most eyelash glues use formaldehyde in their ingredient list.

Formaldehyde is a toxic gas that is used in many beauty products… but also in embalming liquid formulations.

There isn’t much data available on how formaldehyde affects an unborn baby, so your pregnant client may want to be safe and skip their appointment.

eyelash extensions while pregnant

Better be safe than sorry

As a career extension artist, you need to confirm from your client that they are pregnant, which is extremely important for the client and their baby.

Not only do you need to protect them and their children, but you and your business as well.

During the cosmetic treatment, the customer may experience an allergy or reaction to the products used. Any complications or discomfort during this time are not welcome.

So break the barrier and run this confirmation even though you know the client might find it awkward.

If you are a customer, it is best that you have the complete information of the salon you are going to, contact them and ask them if they can perform the service. This saves your time and trip.

Notify customers of the risks

The biggest risk for pregnant women comes from eyelash glue.

Most eyelash glues use formaldehyde in their ingredient list.

Formaldehyde is a toxic gas that is used in many beauty products

There is not much documentation available on how formaldehyde affects an unborn baby, so your pregnant client may want to be safe and skip their appointment.

Especially for pregnant people, if you are allergic to formaldehyde, it will be a problem for you.

If your binder uses formaldehyde and the potential mother still decides to keep her appointment, you should have a waiver form ready for her to sign.

This form is extremely important, it will protect your business and ensure that you have effectively communicated the risks in advance.

Choosing a professional eyelash glue supplier / manufacturer would be better for your business

Eyelash glue manufacturer private label

Patch test

If you are a new client, you should have them tested.

This can be just a quick appointment, you won’t take much time, usually applying a very small amount of lashes with each adhesive to natural lashes in a very safe, less stressful way to find out if there is an allergic reaction. or not.

Some extension artists have experienced a pus allergy for their clients, which is why a try before applying extensions.

Note: If you have never had extensions before then it’s best to leave it after a while after the baby is born, it will be safe for your baby.

eyelash extensions while pregnant


Position for the process

If you already know, extensions are a time-consuming process, the artist will ask you to lie on your back for more than an hour; A posture is not recommended for women during developmental stages of pregnancy.

It also requires you to stay still, which can be difficult if you have a severe pregnancy!

Testing the patch gives you a chance to see what it feels like to stay in that position for a short time, so you can gauge how well your body will respond to an extended appointment.


Typical (uncomfortable) lash extensions that are comfortable or dangerous for your pregnant client.

+ If your client is 20 weeks pregnant: They can lie safely on their back like normal

+ If your client is OVER 20 weeks pregnant: They cannot lie safely on their back.


Create a comfortable space for your clients to lean back.

Set your row tilted, head straight. You can use a head pillow to help keep your body more comfortable.

eyelash extensions while pregnant

Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant | Customer Feedback


Totally safe for pregnancy but I didn’t like them! I didn’t like that i couldn’t rub my eyes or wash my face normally! And the upkeep is every 2 weeks to make them look really full.


Totally safe, but lots of upkeep! I loved the result but eventually couldn’t take the maintenance. Do what makes you feel beautiful! If you get them and don’t like them, they’ll fall off in a few weeks 🙂


I am a lash artist, and they are completely safe to do while pregnant, but definitely ask your doctor.

Only iffy part is laying down flat for the full 1.5-2 hours for your initial full set, but only if you are far a long in your pregnancy, it could be super uncomfortable.

And if you’ve never had them, sometimes when your pregnant you become more sensitive to things, so you could possibly be allergic. If you have zero issues with latex, or acrylic nails, you should be fine! They are amazing, and all my clients love them, and say they can’t live without them. Best of luck to you, you’ll love them!


I would totally suggest eyelash extensions. I had them for over 6 months until I developed an allergic reaction to them and now can no longer wear them.

I got them at a time I was feeling really down on myself and as silly as it sounds, they really helped. I absolutely loved them and would still have them had I not had the reaction.

They are worth the money and the upkeep. I am not a big makeup person, so I think the amount spent to fill them every 3-4 weeks is completely worth it if they make you feel good.

Reference source: https://community.whattoexpect.com/forums/august-2018-babies/topic/eyelash-extensions-64566884.html


When I called yesterday they offered me a patch test. It was when I went in for it earlier that said they’d contacted the company who make them and do the salon training, and they said that there is no way that it should be done!


I think it’s pretty sensible – I’ve had all kinds of weird allergies and skin reactions since getting up diffed.


Oh dear. I am pregnant and have eyelash extensions. Is it something in the glue, do you think? Am worried now…


Oh crap… I had them done when I was first pregnant. None said anything to me about it !!!

Reference source: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/pregnancy/1463702-Pregnant-No-glamour-allowed-or-at-least-not-eyelash-extensions


I’ve been getting them done throughout my entire pregnancy. I prop a pillow until one hip so that my torso is a sideways, while my head is still facing straight up.

Then I switch hips about halfway through the appointment – my lash lady always laughs that even though my eyes are shut I always seem to know exactly when we are halfway through the appointment to switch sides. 🙂


I thought you’d be asking about the eyelash extension glue as I’ve heard some concerns about that being absorbed through your lash line.

I don’t think being on your back for 2 hours is an issue. To be honest the sleeping on your side thing is more of a recommendation I tend to sleep on my back a lot and my doc says it’s no problem.

I think you’re good to go.


I’ve gotten mine 2 weeks ago when I was 23 weeks! It did not bother my back or baby! She was putting on a show kicking and moving around. Also, it only took an hour when I got mine? The tech has been applying lashes for almost 10 years.


I got them when I was pregnant with my first, and he turned out super healthy 🙂

As mentioned I did get a little nauseous being on my back but I was able to turn on my side a bit for them to finish.

Also agree with pp I think the other concern is the glue they use but I don’t know like I said my son turned out fine. I don’t see it being any different than dying hair or getting nails done which are all fine too anyway.

Reference source: https://www.babycenter.ca/thread/3811926/eyelash-extensions-while-pregnant

eyelash extensions while pregnant


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