Eyelash Extensions Price List

eyelash extensions price list

False eyelashes are popular beauty products of women in the present era.

In today’s article, we will inform you about the most detailed false eyelash price list.

eyelash extensions price list

Eyelash extensions price list detail

It is a false eyelash manufacturer from Vietnam, produced by 100% imported materials.

Our false eyelash products are specialized for export. Mainly markets are US-UK, Russia, Netherlands, …

Note: The price list is a price list for eyelash extension products, not eyelash extension services.


Retail – Pricelist

Momi Co., Ltd is providing 2 main prices, including retail price and wholesale price.

Retail price is the price that we apply to some subjects as follows:

♥️ Customers want to do a prototype with our products (customers want to do some pcs to check the quality)

We will make samples for the customer to check their eyelashes’ quality, and a retail price will be applied.

♥️ Customers only need to buy a few trays to do, and there is no need to order in bulk.

How is the retail price applied?

We apply the retail price as follows:

The total quantity is lower than 50 pcs

View shop to see every product and place test order

eyelash extensions price list

Wholesale – Pricelist

The wholesale price is the price we apply to orders over 50 pcs and for a minimum of 10 pcs for each different type of false eyelashes.

Wholesale prices:

50 – 500 pcs

501 – 1000 pcs

1001 – 3000 pcs

Order more quantity, the more preferential price.

With the need to buy wholesale, please contact us directly for product advice and the best quotation.

Purchase process properly

With our loyal customers.

Customers will contact the sales department directly and place an order directly.

New customers can order samples first to test the quality first and then order at wholesale prices.

Ensure cost and customer peace of mind for Momi Co., Ltd

OEM/ODM – Private label

As a manufacturer, we specialize in processing private label eyelashes.

We apply private labels for customers in quantity from 500 pcs.

The cost will depend on the quantity of the customer and the design sample label of the customer.


Momi Co., Ltd Viet Nam

Momi Eyelash Co., Ltd – Eyelash manufacturer, wholesaler, also eyelash distributor from Vietnam.

Only Vietnam and China make machining for eyelash extensions and export all over the world.

We cannot make a large quantity, but we focus on quantity and values to give customers a long way.

🌷 Founded by 100% foreign capital.

🌷 Lead by an expert with over 16 years in the false eyelash processing industry.

🌷 The processing staff has many years of experience, seasoned in production and quality control.

🌷 Outsourcing according to customer requirements, commitment to completion time as agreed.

eyelash extensions price list

eyelash extensions price list

Momi Co., Ltd – Wholesale eyelash supplies

💎 Commitment to quality

💎 Experienced eyelash processing technician

💎 Raw materials are imported 100% directly

💎 Support for sending quality check samples

💎 Good wholesale price, prestige, professionalism

Besides, we are also providing 3 high-end eyelash glue…

Manufactured directly in Korea and imported directly by Momi Co., Ltd

Click here to view products and contact us if wishing to get wholesale.

» Eyelash glue manufacturer

🌐 Address: Land Lot 282, Map Sheet No. 5, Quarter 4, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam 821328

☎ Telephone: +842747301752

📲 Hotline: +84931137501

📞 WhatsApp: 84931137501

📩 Email: info@momilash.vn

📩 Email: gm@momilash.vn

eyelash extensions price list

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