Can I Wear False Eyelashes To Work

can i wear false eyelashes to work

can i wear false eyelashes to work

We think this is a great topic to discuss.

The office block is the current style and will be expanded in the future.

With the development of society, the demand for work is increasing, so jobs related to the office or office will have many problems that can be discussed.

As an office worker, I think when you’re ready for work, you’ll ask yourself:

Can I wear false eyelashes to work?

The answer is that you shouldn’t wear them every day to work.

can i wear false eyelashes to work

Can I Wear False Eyelashes To Work?

Why so?

There is nothing more wonderful than having long and thicker eyelashes in just a few short minutes.

I am sure you will be thrilled to see yourself in front of the mirror, so beautiful and gorgeous. It helps you be confident and beautiful.

That’s why false eyelash products are sold and sold so well to this day.

But not just wearing it will be beautiful, it all depends on your working environment and how you use it.

You often see some pictures of celebrities who often wear false eyelashes and use them every day.

However, celebrities don’t work in offices, don’t run after this! (or maybe they get eyelash extensions)

can i wear false eyelashes to work


Wear false eyelashes to work

Ms. Lane

I used to try on the false eyelashes a few times to see how it was. But, unfortunately, I had the worst case that the adhesive part was smeared all over the eye, extremely uncomfortable.

However, the bright spot was that everyone looked at me with very different eyes with expressions of admiration and admiration.

My short lashes grew a few more parts that day, then I wore them continuously, but only after a few moments was I in trouble.

Why should not wear false eyelashes to work every day?

In addition to giving them a quick and temporary look and confidence, it is not recommended that you wear them often.

They can completely damage your real lashes if used regularly, especially if you wear them daily for a long time to work.

The reason why?! We will explain it right here.

I know you also want to make your own amazing morphs with just a little eye makeup.

But friends, you need to know that wearing false eyelashes to work every day is not good at all.

If you wear false eyelashes and go to a special event infrequently, that’s okay. I welcome that.

But if you still want to wear false eyelashes every day, you will definitely pay dearly! Believe me.

can i wear false eyelashes to work

False eyelashes, adhesive eyelashes, is made of chemicals

Although some products are made with real hair (human hair or real mink), that is only a small part. Not everyone is willing to pay for these products because of the high price.

Today, most false eyelash products are made of synthetic plastic fibers, but the real cause is still the adhesive that sticks to these false eyelashes.

The main ingredients that make adhesive are water, rubber, and ammonium hydroxide. If you pay close attention, you will see the warning on the packaging is “avoid contact with eyes.”

In addition to ammonium hydroxide, formaldehyde is also used to preserve it and some heavy metal compounds (not announced).

These toxic compounds will build up over time on your eyes, but if you only use them a few times a year during major events, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

But on the contrary, if you use this product every day just with the effect of being more beautiful when going to work, it can cause serious problems.

  • When you are pregnant: Compounds may cause neuropsychiatric effects in children. Therefore, you should stop using this product for the health of your baby in the future.
  • These products are not suitable for children to play at all, keep out of reach of children and be careful with it.
  • This product is very easy to counterfeit and is available everywhere. Check the brand and place of purchase carefully to avoid losing money.

Not only that but more, read on!

can i wear false eyelashes to work


Wearing false eyelashes can damage your natural lashes

Why does wearing false eyelashes damage natural products?

False eyelashes are the fastest way to shape up your short lashes.

It’s great for special occasions with really long and gorgeous lashes, but that’s just the front.

The use of false eyelashes many times will make the hair follicles on your eyelids more and more fragile. As a result, they will make the natural eyelashes fall out.

Whatever you can, your natural lashes will never grow back if exposed to too many chemicals, chemicals that will wreak havoc on your natural lashes.

You might think that genuine adhesive false eyelashes products will have no side effects! Wrong, it still makes your lashes fall out.

But if you rarely wear false eyelashes, less exposed to adhesive false eyelashes, even if your natural eyelashes fall out, they will grow back on their own within 6 – 8 weeks.

In addition, the way to remove false eyelashes also affects the loss of your natural eyelashes due to improper removal.

The best way to avoid these annoyances is not to wear false eyelashes. But, of course, you can still use them from time to time.

But if you wear false eyelashes every day to work, you need to stop this action immediately.

Wearing false eyelashes takes time.

Wearing false eyelashes takes time to apply correctly. This is why most women only use them on special occasions.

It doesn’t matter if you are skillful. If you are clumsy, then unlucky, you need a lot of time to use them properly.

Wearing false eyelashes can be collectively referred to as the first step in skincare or makeup. You can’t rush it, and you can get an infection if you’re in a hurry to do this.

There are so many ways you can stand out. It doesn’t have to be using false eyelashes every day.

can i wear false eyelashes to work

Invest in what’s best for you

With that said, false eyelashes are not the best thing you can wear every day.

They are just right for you on special occasions, once in a while.

The solution for you is eyelash extensions, the most popular solution.

Eyelash extensions are a method of directly connecting false eyelashes to your real lashes.

Therefore, you can bring them to work every day without any difficulty.

You can also completely sleep with them without any problems. However, if you sleep with false eyelashes, you will definitely be in big trouble.

The basic thing is that the eyelash extensions are so great. The only downside is that you need to maintain them to keep them looking good over time.

With each eyelash extension, you can confidently show off your personality for 1 month, after which you need to refill (false eyelashes will slowly fall out after about 2 weeks, and you need to refill them to ensure the best results).

can i wear false eyelashes to work


In short, you should not wear false eyelashes every day. It is not good for your eyes and can permanently destroy your natural lashes.

This product is only suitable for you to use on special occasions, such as bridesmaids, Halloween, etc.. it will not harm you; basically, you should keep them clean for the best.

In addition, you need to always follow the correct procedure for applying false eyelashes. Therefore, if you are wearing false eyelashes every day, please quit this habit immediately.

Take care of your eyelashes gently and carefully right now to make others jealous.

Let’s do it!

can i wear false eyelashes to work


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