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General term for false eyelashes in Vietnamese

In the last post, we have 1 one posted about the general term for false eyelashes in English.

Our article for Vietnamese wants to learn vocabulary, general eyelash in the English language.

Check it in here:

In today’s article, we will have a section dedicated to foreigners.

It Will is for who cares about how their lashes are pronounced in the Vietnamese language.

vietnam eyelashes

As you all know, foreigners prefer fake eyelashes.

Especially false eyelash extensions.

The countries we care about most about false eyelashes are countries like:

💮 US

💮 UK

💮 Australia

💮 Singapore

💮 Canada

💮 Pakistan

💮 Japan

💮 Netherlands

And there are some other countries!

As you can see, the English language is the dominant language!

No more lengthy, the article content will be right now!

Eyelash in Vietnamese language

False eyelash in Vietnamese language is Long mi gia

Clearly distinguish original words and phrases to avoid confusion

Eyelash: Long mi

Eyelashes: Hang long mi

Eyelash is only used in case of calling the original word, not accompanied by the applicable phrase.

Other words are similar:

  • Eye: Mat
  • Eyes: Doi mat
  • Lash: Long mi
  • Lashes: Doi long mi

vietnam eyelashes

The most common words are:

Vietnam eyelash: Long mi gia Vietnam

Vietnam lashes: Long mi gia Vietnam

Vietnam eyelash extensions: Noi long mi gia Vietnam

Vietnam eyelashes: Long mi gia Vietnam

Vietnamese eyelashes: Long mi gia nguoi Vietnam

False eyelashes vietnam: Long mi gia Vietnam

Vietnamese lashes: Long mi gia nguoi Vietnam

Vietnam false lashes: Long mi gia Vietnam

Eyelash extension in Vietnam: Noi long mi o Vietnam

Wholesale lash extensions supplies: Nha cung cap mi gia gia si

Mink eyelash extensions wholesale: Long mi noi chon gia si

vietnam eyelashes

Common terms about eyelashes

💮 Lash Technician: Ky thuat vien noi mi

💮 Lash Artist: Nghe nhan noi mi

💮 Lash Stylists: Nha tao mau mi gia

💮 Eyelash extensions: Noi long mi gia

💮 Professional eyelash extension: Nghe noi mi gia

💮 Volume lash extensions: Noi long mi gia Volume

💮 Fan volume lash: Noi long mi gia Fan

💮 Glue eyelashes: Keo noi mi

💮 Vietnam flare lash: Long mi phat sang Vietnam

💮 Vietnam glue eyelash: Keo dan mi Vietnam

💮 Vietnam colored eyelash: Long mi toc mau

💮 Vietnam fan eyelash: Long mi quat

Hair material Vietnamese language

🌷 Faux mink lashes: Long mi gia chon

🌷 Flat lashes: Long mi det

🌷 Synthetic lashes: Long mi tong hop

🌷 Silk lashes: Long mi mem

🌷 Mink lashes: Long mi chon

vietnam eyelashes

English eyelash extension tools

🌼 Eyelash glue glass holder: Hop dung mi

🌼 Eyelash glue remover: Chat tay mi

🌼 Glue ring shape holder: Bang keo

🌼 Individual eyelashes: Long mi gia ca nhan

🌼 Makeup bag: Tui makeup

🌼 Mini eyelash brush: Choi chai long mi gia

🌼 Segregate sticker: Tam dan mi

🌼 Tape: Mieng dan

🌼 Air puffer blower (for drying): Bong cao su

🌼 Scissors: Cai keo

🌼 Curve tweezers: Nhip long mi cong

🌼 Straight tweezers: Nhip long mi thang

🌼 Cluster eyelashes: Nhip long mi chum

🌼 Disposable cotton swab: Tam bong

🌼 Eyelash adhesive: Keo dan mi

🌼 Eyelash cleaner: Chat lam sach mi

The words about other lashes

🌸 Medical grade glue: Keo dan

🌸 Classic set: Hang mi co dien

🌸 Cat-eye: Mat meo

🌸 Eyelash curler: Dung cu uon mi gia

🌸 Doe eye: Mat nai

🌸 Hybrid lashes: Hang mi ket hop

🌸 Full set: Day du

🌸 Volume lashes: Long mi volume

🌸 Glam lashes: Hang mi dam

🌸 Natural set: Hang mi tu nhien

🌸 Russian Volume: Long mi Nga (Russia)

So, we introduced the vocabulary of how eyelashes are pronounced in the Vietnamese language

Contribute by the comment in below!

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