The History Of False Eyelash

the history of false eyelash

False eyelashes are semi-permanent beauty products that are widely used today.

So do you know where the birth history of false eyelashes on your eyes that are maintained and used to this day comes from?

False eyelashes have a very long history of formation and development, and there are facts about false eyelashes that have never been published before.

In today’s article, Momi Lash has gathered that information and sent it to readers most comprehensively and easily to understand!

the history of false eyelash


The incredible history of false eyelashes

When you look at any pictures of celebrities, you follow-on Instagram, under mascara, that makeup is an effort to look natural.

False eyelashes are an impossible product you can’t help but see in those 10-point photos, especially when bugs walk on the red carpet.

No matter what! This is a popular beauty style in today’s era.

Have you ever thought that they put that false eyelash on their eyes for something ???

Speaking of false eyelashes, does it actually have a very long history from ancient Rome and is full of suffering?

Eyelashes dark period

Every history is a bit crude, not perfect in the first place.

Why is it crude ???

Have long eyelashes been considered a charming trait? Right ?!

The long eyelash obsession begins to sad from “the story of the eyelashes getting shorter with age.”

Pliny the Elder made long lashes even more envious in ancient Rome when he attributed them to purity. “Lashes fall out due to excessive sex, and so women need to keep their lashes long to show their innocence,”

Pliny claims, of course, not. As a result, women have struggled to have the longest lashes possible. 🤷🤷🤷

the history of false eyelash

Eyelashes became a reality since 1800

Hundreds of years after Pliny insisted, eyelashes became popular again, and this time it came true.

Exactly in 1899, there were tales of women who were implanted with eyelids in their eyelids with needles, which was a common procedure at the time, even in the capital of Paris.

Not everyone dares to follow this somewhat “dangerous” approach.

Around this time, the more faint of heart attempted to glue human hair to their eyelids instead of threading it, but the method wasn’t too successful, and the hair often fell off.

Not just because of Pliny’s words. Of course, the reason may also be that we tend to make eye contact more than anything else when we talk to them.

It’s no surprise that women have sought to emphasize and seduce their eyes by lacing them with beautiful lashes throughout history.

If only they knew that they would get some lash enhancement in 20 years or so, they really needed. 🌷🌷🌷

the history of false eyelash


History of false eyelashes

The painful invention of false eyelashes 🤕

While the history of mascara is born, improving over time, eyelashes have a history that is not gentle.

Because it is tested, practiced directly in the eyes of real people.

Of course, it’s all called false eyelashes, and the process isn’t the same as modern eyelash extensions.

As we said above, in 1899, an article described this process as taking real hair from the head and then stitching it repeatedly through the eyelid with a needle in a loop.

And eventually, these rings are cut to form the eyelashes. Imagine …

Oh, god, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first strip lashes in 1911

In 1911, a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor filed the first patent for a colloidal eyelash strip, temporarily made of hair (presumably human hair, though the patent is not specified).

In 1916, similar strip lashes first appeared on film when director David W. Griffith asked the film’s wigmaker to make some long false lashes out of bandages and human hair and then glued them to the actress’s eyelids.

False eyelash history step to the new page from here!

the history of false eyelash

Advertising false eyelashes in 1930

False eyelashes started being advertised in 1930, but it wasn’t until 1950 that they had a place.

The reason is that in the early days of development, only Hollywood stars enough ability and finance to get them.

1950 was introduced more widely, and the prices were also lower.

Synthetic eyelashes may not look as natural as hair-based lashes initially, but since 1960 that hasn’t been a problem.

Supermodel Twiggy was famous for her long, pointed, and clear false lashes and everyone wanted to copy that look. 😍😍😍

the history of false eyelash

The accidental invention of eyelash-lengthening medication In 2001

A medicated eye drop was developed with a fabulous side effect: many of its patients quickly found themselves with long, dark, fluffy eyelashes!

It seemed the active ingredient, bimatoprost, encouraged lash growth as well as doing its intended job.

The same company that has created the eye drops soon after launched bimatoprost-containing LATISSE, an FDA-approved treatment to ‘fill out’ your lash line.

An accidental discovery changed humanity.

History changed by eyelash extension products

The semi-permanent eyelash (eyelash extensions) method appeared for the first time and was developed in Korea.

Later introduced in the US in 2004, the technique involves using false lashes or clusters of false lashes to attach to existing real lashes.

Celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez were early adopters of this beauty approach.

They are the ones who have openly expressed their love for them, helping it attract the public and helping them to be as global as they are today.

the history of false eyelash

The material of false eyelashes was used with human hair itself in the olden days. Does it sound a bit barbaric?

Today, false eyelashes are made from various materials, from synthetic (common) fibers, animal hair, and silk.

They are lightweight, look natural, and cost better day by day.

Although they are not related to using needles for extensions, they also have some reverse side. You can see more here.

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Modern strip lashes in 2014

A really long way, from ancient Rome to the present day;

Like eyelash extensions, they are also manufactured from different materials.

In 2014, Katy Stoka invented the magnetic lashes, although the glue lashes are still the most popular.

Today, long false lashes are more popular than ever and look more natural than ever.

It is difficult for the average person to tell whether a beautiful set of lashes results from eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

the history of false eyelash

All in all, we all still want the same thing the woman has been craving for thousands of years: Long, black, and smooth lashes! 💥💥💥

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