Extension Eyelash Tweezer Version

eyelash tweezers

This is list of  eyelash tweezer product standard version for eyelash extensions, made of good steel material and ensure elasticity during use

vietnam eyelash tweezer

Manufactured in Japanese stainless steel, ensuring perfect curvature, good elasticity and creating a sense of comfort during use.

Eyelash Extension Tweezer made by Momi Eyelash Co., Ltd

eyelash tweezers

Not only used for eyelashes but also can be used for a variety of other purposes

Such as: Crafts, jewelry, electronic products, medicine, watches laboratory work and so on,…

☑️ There are smooth lines, special design and good handling

☑️ The hardness of tweezers is particularly hard, not easily deformed when used

☑️ When using, the hand feels comfortable and can adapt to long-term work

☑️ Suitable for extension volume lash

☑️ Type of tip: Straight and curved.

☑️ Great for individual eyelash extensions and beauty salon.

eyelash tweezers

Keeping you satisfied with our eyelash extension tweezers is our number one goal.

These are our favorite and our best tweezers! if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will give you a refund or a replacement.

eyelash tweezers

eyelash tweezers

The product has many different type, sizes, can choose the size according to your request, our standard is 120mm, you can set your own label for your tweezers (optional).

eyelash tweezers

eyelash extension tweezer

⚠️ Warning: Tweezers are extremely sharp, please keep away from children.

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