How to keep eyelash extensions longer

how to keep eyelash extensions longer

Eyelash extension is considered a miracle for those who want to have natural and plump eyelashes without spending minutes to coat after applied mascara or wrestling with eyelash curlers.

Eyelash extension is a method of using false eyelashes attached directly to your real eyelashes.

The extended eyelashes will vary in length from 6 mm to 17 mm, thicknesses as from 0.03 mm to 0.25 mm.

The material will have three main categories: synthetic, silk, and mink.

These extensions are applied one by one using a specially prepared glue called eyelash glue.

The effect of eyelash extensions is like that, but did you know how to keep your eyelashes longer and straight❓❓❓

In today’s article, Momi Eyelash will show you how to keep eyelashes longer?

how to keep eyelash extensions longer


How to keep eyelashes always longer and straight?

Eyelash extension maintenance a concept that sounds confusing but manageable as long as you have the best expert-approved tips.

It will help the eyelashes look natural and last the longest.

The average time for an eyelash extension is about two weeks, but if you take care of it and protect it carefully, the time it will remain beautiful and survive on your eyes for longer.

To help you make the most of the money you have spent on applying for eyelash extensions.

Momi Eyelash will show you the easy-to-do but highly effective methods for your expensive lashes!

how to keep eyelash extensions longer

1. Avoid water for 24 hours

The glue that connects your extended eyelashes and your real eyelashes take time to connect.

Therefore, avoiding water for the first 24 hours after applied eyelash extensions will be the best way for you.

Water can disintegrate your glue, resulting in an extension of the eyelashes that will fall out.

After 24 hours the glue will stick firmly to your eyes, and it will be waterproof, you will not need to worry after 24 hours, just be gentle with it.

It is best to ask the technician who has applied your extended eyelashes about the length of time you can come into contact with water.

2. Avoid waterproof mascara

Technically, you need to avoid waterproof mascara completely.

They tend to clump your lashes and, therefore, are more difficult to remove.

And all they do is pull and pull. It can damage them and shorten your eyelash extensions.

3 Use clean mascara

🤔🤔🤔 The above said do not use mascara, in this section said use mascara❓❓❓

Make no mistake, above we said do not use mascara (however, mascara contains chemical ingredients to pull eyelashes).

Here we refer to the clean mascara, which is the original mascara, not containing any other chemical ingredients.

Mascara, it is like a comb, after time out on the road or after waking up, a comb will help brush your eyelashes extensions.

Avoid making your eyelashes extensions lashes intertwined, avoiding tangles and loss of aesthetics.

Do this once in the morning and again at night. This will keep your lashes defined and perfectly curled.

how to keep eyelash extensions longer

4. Don’t use oil-based makeup remover

The oil will weaken the glue and only encourage your extensions to fall off faster.

Using an alternative water makeup remover or specialized products to clean your eyelash extensions is the best care for your expensive eyelash extensions.

5. Always use oil-free makeup remover

While washing your eyes, try using a mild, less alkaline soap and an oil-free makeup remover.

As we said before, it’s best to use a specialized product to clean it.

Gently remove makeup around the eyes and remove makeup with a damp cotton swab or wipe.

Clean eyelash extensions with specialized products

6. Don’t rub your eyes

Rubbing your eyes is a normal action when you’re sleepy or tired.

But if you have eyelash extensions applied on your eyes, then skip this habit as it can harm your extensions.

7. Sleep on your back

Do you like sleeping in a face-down position on the pillow?

It could also damage your extensions or cause them to fall off.

Sleep on your back as much as possible, and consciously refrain from sleeping in other ways, it’s not suitable for your eyelashes extensions. It even affects your back and face.

Read more about sleeping properly at this article

how to keep eyelash extensions longer

8. Be gentle with your eyelash extensions

Obviously, the more you avoid touching and rubbing your eyelash extensions, the longer they will last on your face.

Use a mild, less alkaline soap to remove any eye makeup and use oil-free makeup remover.

When combing your eyelash extensions, brush down and out with very slight pressure, recommend a clean mascara.

9. Do not worry if your eyelashes fall out

It is perfectly reasonable that some of your natural eyelashes will shed with extensions.

Natural eyelashes fall out; your eyelashes extension fall out is entirely normal.

Like all hairs on your body, your eyelashes will grow back, so don’t fret too much.

You will not leave significant gaps in your eyelashes. It will be re-filled the next time you attach your eyelashes.

If you know how to take care of your extended eyelashes, you won’t waste a lot of money. I promise ✌️

how to keep eyelash extensions longer

10. Don’t expect your eyelash extensions to last for weeks

Usually, your eyelashes extensions will stay in their best condition for two to three weeks.

By the end of the first week, you will see a rate of start to fall out, but your eyelashes will look completely natural and won’t be patchy.

So don’t expect your eyelashes extensions to last too long.

You should extend the extensions every month or so if you know how to take good care of or follow the above notes we mentioned.

The above are ten notes that Momi Eyelash wants to send you on how to keep eyelashes longer

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