How Many Weeks Does Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the most popular semi-aesthetic beauty method today.

This method has been popular in Western countries since the early twentieth century until now it has been popular worldwide.

In the future, eyelash extensions will still be an epochal beauty method, transforming within just 2 hours.

Anyone who has had eyelash extensions on eyelashes knows what their effects are, so sexy !!!!!

If you haven’t tried them yet, don’t hesitate and don’t take them lightly.

They not only make your eyes bigger and more sparkling but also cut your makeup time in half.

Their only problem is their expiration. This is their only weakness that you have to accept.

Your question right now is, how long can the eyelashes last and can glue last longer?

Do not let you wait any longer. In this article, MOMI LASH will analyze and answer for you the question of how long will the eyelash extensions last?


How many weeks do eyelash extensions last?

Most eyelash extensions will keep you in perfect beauty for the first two to four weeks.

Depending on how you take care of it, it will last six to eight weeks.

The average cost for an eyelash extension will average about $100. The time you have to spend is about 2 – 3 hours, depending on the style of eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extensions will fall out slowly along the natural cycle of natural eyelashes. Reload the eyelashes is essential to ensure the balance of the lashes.

The recommended time to reload is within two to three weeks.

Factors that influence the duration of eyelash extensions

The lifespan of your under-thousand expensive eyelash extensions (🤧 that’s right) will depend on the following factors.

Eyelash glue

Lash technician

Take care for the before and after 48 hours.

Eyelash extensions are the most important factor affecting the longevity of eyelash extensions.

A poor quality glue cannot last as long as a high-quality glue. 👌

Look for and use high-quality eyelash glue with good adhesion and moderate smoke.

You can refer to Momi Lash’s eyelash glue, with reasonable smoke, average use time of 6 weeks 🙌.

Momi Lash glue is manufactured directly from Korea with a closed process and directly distributed by Momi Co., Ltd.

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The eyelash technician is the one who decides how the eyelashes rest over your eyes.

An experienced technician will give you an eyelash that is just beautiful enough, neither too thick nor too thin.

Ensure a fast eyelash extension time, know how to counsel and talk to you, minimize the chance that you will get stinging eyes during the eyelash extension process.

Your best bet is to go to a reputable salon!

As a result, you will get eyelash extensions from an experienced person and eyelash glue, and a quality product 👋.

Taking care of your eyelash extensions for the first 48 hours is extremely important.

It affects until the whole time after the eyelash extensions. The first 48 hours is the time your eyes are gradually adapting to the eyelash extensions.

Please take good care of them very gently.

Home care demonstrates how you treat your lashes.

Let’s change some of the habits that you did in the past.

Sleeping on your stomach, rubbing your eyes,… Are extremely harmful habits for expensive eyelashes.

Treating them gently, unlike you did in the past, will ensure your eyelashes stay beautiful and last longer.

How to pull eyelash extensions time

There are many ways you can prolong the use of eyelash extensions.

The minimum is better than the way you do your daily routine before and after eyelash extensions.

The first is how you take care of them in the first 48 hours.

Put, within the first 48 hours, avoid the contact of water with your lashes.

Of course, you can still take a shower. Just keep the water out of your eyes.

After the first 48 hours, the next simple way is don’t do anything too hard on them.

Brush your lashes regularly and gently with clean mascara, not sleeping on your stomach.

Here are what you should and shouldn’t do.

Should do

Wash your lashes every day with a special solution, a cleaning agent that will ensure that your eyelash extensions are free of dirt and oil, and they will make them last longer.

As mentioned above, regular brushing with clean mascara is a safe method for your lashes right now.

Shouldn’t do

Let’s say no to bold eye makeup. It completely negatively affects the ability of your eyelashes to hold lines.

Keep your face dry for the first 48 hours, don’t go to the sauna or swim during this time.

Please get rid of the routine you do every day that is rubbing your eyes. They will stay in your eyes for longer.

Please do not lie on your stomach when you sleep. It will curl your lashes and make it difficult to return to the original state.



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