Can You Use Nail Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

All of us have a desire to have lush and charming lashes.

However, everything that works with eyelashes will be great if you don’t touch the nail glue.

As you know, eyelash extensions are the active ingredients that connect false eyelashes and real eyelashes.

Everything will be extremely wonderful and perfect until it involves… nail glue!

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions


Use nail glue for eyelash extensions,.. Horror

In the past few years, eyelash extensions have become a widely applied beauty trend.

It even surpassed mascara to become the most popular beauty method globally.

Why? Simple, help people have full lashes without doing much.

Although having eyelash extensions takes a bit of your time at the salon, it will essentially yield eyelashes that are not inferior to the superstar.

Temporarily went blind by nail glue

October 19, 2018, a woman named Megan Rixson detailed the terrifying incident that happened during her recent eyelash-up appointment. She wrote on Twitter: “Be very careful where making eyelashes. “Today, I made my personal in a new place, and it turned out they used nail glue on my lashes. I actually lost my eyesight for 2 hours.” 😱😱😱.

Damn !!!!

She explained to BuzzFeed News that she had experienced some pain during applying her eyelashes but was told by her stylist that it was “normal.” She then filmed the video after the appointment was completed.

In the clip, she said that her eyes felt like “on fire,” her vision was still blurred, and her eyes couldn’t stop watering.

Megan then went back to the salon to let them know what happened. The salon is reported to have used nail glue 💅. 🤦🤦🤦

According to research, the use of nail glue near or in the eye can lead to eye abrasions, discomfort around the eyelids, swelling, and in some cases, lashes …

She warns others to know which products are being used, preferably look for reputable aesthetics. 👌👌👌

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

Why are there such incidents?

Perhaps the key issue comes from the experience of the salon.

The technician’s knowledge is vital. Nail glue cannot be used for eyelash extensions. It is wrong.

“I don’t cry because I’m sad. I cry because my eyes are constantly watering,” she said in her video. “Everything is very fuzzy.”

If you are in this situation, I think it will be difficult for you to calm down.

On October 20, she told her followers: She felt a lot better after buying eye drops from the pharmacy. “The burning has decreased.”

The salon then refunded Megan, and they even gave her a voucher for free extensions. But for obvious reasons, she “won’t be back there anytime soon”.

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions
Megan Rixson

🔴 Detail and clips:

Chantelle Chapman, 26 years old, a similar incident

Chantelle took to Facebook to reveal her horror story, saying, “I’ve never seen a disgust in my life like that.”

“Today, I was glued together with nail glue by an unskilled worker.”

Then I spent the last hour at another shop trying to take them off, and the lashes were hardened from root to tip with glue that finally the woman had to give up and prune them so that at least I could open my eyes right away.

When she pruned them, the scissors were physically bent under the firmness of her lashes.

I am totally heartbroken that the glue won’t budge from my lashes. It’s certain.


can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

🔴 Detail:


Finalize, can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions?

No, never and never try, you could go blind if you try it.

Let imagine it felt like when you get shampoo in your eye.

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

🔥 Using eyelash glue can also have a side effect. Why can adhesives like nail glue be used?

It’s best to use reputable, good-priced, high-quality eyelash glue! 👌👌👌

Janet Wilson.

No, please do NOT use! It is NOT intended for use on skin, much less the susceptible eye area!

It will require Acetone to remove, and you also DO NOT want that near your eye!!

Acetone dissolves acrylic nails and many other plastics. There are warnings on both containers!

Severe eye or skin damage!”

Erin Clavatica.

No. Please don’t do this. Regular nail glue is like superglue and will probably glue your eyelashes together.

Use wig glue if you want a tighter hold, but don’t use nail glue.

Sophie Dee.

No! Do not do this!! This is an extreme health risk as nail glue has all the same qualities and chemicals as superglue. Eyelash glue is safe for use near the eyes and on the face.

Please do not apply nail glue on your skin! If you fix an eyelash with nail glue, it could very easily lead to eye damage or even blindness.

🔴 Quora:

can you use nail glue for eyelash extensions

Eyelash glue from Korea | Momi Co., Ltd

💧 Genuine eyelash glue – Eyelash glue manufacturer

💧 Momi Co., Ltd – Professional eyelash glue manufacturer

💧 This is a specialized product for eyelash extensions.

💧 Products are manufactured directly 100% in Korea.

💧 The glue product is moderately spicy, does not cause discomfort.

Momi – Eyelash glues is a specialized eyelash extension product for extensions.

Products are 100% manufactured from Korea and imported directly by Momi Eyelash Co., Ltd.

Professional eyelash glue manufacturer with 100% foreign investment.

We are also an eyelash glue manufacturer private label for customers who wish to have private labels.

 Momi – Eyelash Glue | Iron Lady 5g


Color: Black

Drying time: 0,5sec

Duration: 5 weeks (strong)

Fume: With fume

Humidity: ≤ 60%

Techniques: Classic & Volume

Consistency: Liquid & watery

Available in 5ml & 10ml bottles

momi glue iron lady

 Momi – Eyelash Glue | Dragon 5g


Color: Black

Drying time: 1,5 sec

Duration: 4 – 5 weeks

Fume: Low

Humidity: ≤ 60%

Techniques: Classic & Volume

Consistency: Liquid & watery

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 Momi – Eyelash Glue | Darling 5g


Color: Black

Drying time: 2 sec

Duration: 4 – 5 weeks

Fume: Low

Humidity: ≤ 60%

Techniques: Classic & Volume

Consistency: Liquid & watery

Available in 5ml & 10ml bottles

momi glue darling


🔰 Keep away from children.

🔰 Professional Use Only – Not to be applied to own lashes.

🔰 Shake for a full minute before each appointment. Results will be reduced if the adhesive is not mixed well.

🔰 Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin, and seek immediate medical assistance in emergencies.

🔰 Use a sponge or foil to wipe down the nozzle thoroughly after use and ensure the cap is replaced tightly. (Use red nozzle pin if it becomes clogged)

🔰 Just use within three months of opening (replacing any eyelash extension glue after one month is recommended, however, as performance will deteriorate)


💠 Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from children.

💠 After opening, ensure the cap is replaced tightly to prevent the inflow of air.

💧 Keep much longer

The Momi – Eyelash glue boasts an extra-strength formula that allows it to hold lash extensions in place for up to 6 weeks.

This will create a high-quality service for your clients and allow them to enjoy their lash extensions longer.

💧 Fast-drying glue

With a record drying time of just 1 – 2 seconds, you will be able to service customers much faster and more efficiently.

Volume eyelash extensions require a quick drying eyelash extension adhesive to maintain consistency in your volume fans.

This premium individual eyelash extension glue is best used for Volume lashes but can also be used for Classic lashes.

💧 Long shift time

Every Momi – Eyelash glue bottle has a special nozzle with a double blocking system.

The nozzle prevents the glue from leaking and getting in contact with air, thus preserving its life span even after frequent use.

💧 Safe, premium and ingredients

As this eyelash extension adhesive is made for professional use, we ensure using the highest quality ingredients that have been salon tested worldwide.

Made using the same ingredients found in medical-grade adhesive, our product does not contain latex or formaldehyde.

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