Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions

swim with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a sure-fire way to add new beauty to your face without any other cosmetic treatment.

With them, we can basically abandon the whole habit of eye makeup and use waterproof mascara and draw all the attention to our full, full lashes.

For the summer months, do everyone tends to go to the beach or swim in the pool and have the question if I can go swimming with eyelashes extensions?

Can I swim with eyelash extensions?

In today’s article, Momi Eyelash will answer for you whether or not you can go swimming with eyelash extensions!

swim with eyelash extensions

Can I go swimming with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can go swimming with eyelash extensions, but keep in mind that both chlorine and saltwater in a swimming pool can affect your expensive lashes and maintain eyelash extensions.

So we recommend cleaning your eyelashes as soon as you swim. Use a safe and specialized cleanser for eyelash extensions and a cotton pad.

Then brush it with a clean mascara, which does not contain any other chemical ingredients.

And also, remember that minimizing the chance of wetting your extensions in the first 48 hours applied for eyelash extensions, it takes time to eyelash glues connect with false eyelash extensions.

After that period, the adhesive used to apply your eyelash extensions is safe and waterproof enough.

That means that you can swim in any type of water, and of course, you should avoid tight protective glasses as they can affect your expensive lashes.

swim with eyelash extensions


It is best to wear goggles if you can, as the massive water pressure can affect your eyelash extensions.

And make sure the lens of your glasses fits comfortably without touching your eyelashes.

If swimming without goggles, it is imperative that you do NOT rub your eyes, most people rub their eyes when swimming, and you must not rub your eyes.

It is best to wipe above your eyes and under your eyes, gently, avoiding or touching your eyelashes extensions.


You should also note that during the summer months, we sweat more than usual.

And we continuously apply sunscreen. It can affect the longevity of your extensions due to their greasiness on your face.

However, I would recommend continuing to apply sunscreen, but you may need to top up your eyelash extensions sooner.

swim with eyelash extensions


Your five mistakes when swimming with eyelash extensions

Mistake 1: I cannot take a dip in the pool

Fact: False! You can undoubtedly swim with eyelash extensions, and you can take a dip in the pool, it’s best to provide utilities before gliding into the pool as protective goggles.

Mistake 2: All lash extensions are swimming friendly

Fact: At Momi Eyelash, our factory offers eyelash glue that allows you to enter the water without affecting the extension of the eyelashes.

But you know, nothing is 100% perfect. If you swim below the beach or play on the waves, then we recommend you wear a pair of goggles to avoid friction.

Mistake 3: Use waterproof mascara

Fact: Nope! It will most likely smudge while swimming. What you see is that you will be like a panda while you enjoy your time.

It is best not to use it, even if you do not go swimming ⚠️.

swim with eyelash extensions

Mistake 4: Saltwater is safe for my eyelash extensions

Fact: It is not! Unfortunately, spending too much time in the ocean is not recommended for your lashes.

Saltwater is extremely corrosive, iron and steel cannot prevent saltwater corrosion also.

Salt can break the link of your extension very quickly, causing it to detach from your natural eyelashes soon.

If you’ve had a holiday on the ocean, wear protective goggles for your lashes to be extra protected!

Mistake 5: I do not need to use any products for lashes after swimming

Fact: If you do not already have them, we recommend buying a few specialized lashes cleaning products to keep your lashes intact longer.

Do not leave your home without packing for such products.


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swim with eyelash extensions

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